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We offer programming services for all our keys.  We are not mobile and you would need to bring your vehicle to us in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.  If you would like us to programme your key please contact us for a price and to book in.

Main Number 01924 847245
Mobile 07909 890361


Key Programming Tips ....

  1. Car keys should always be cut and programmed by a competent auto locksmith.
  2. Synchronising the remote to open the car doors is not the same a programming the key to start the vehicle.
  3. It's always a good idea to find a locksmith before purchasing a key, this way you can see if it is cheaper to supply your own key or to purchase one direct from your chosen locksmith. 
  4. We would recommend using a local independent locksmith. Main dealers do not generally programme aftermarket keys and have limited software capabilities, for example, a Renault dealer is trained to use Renault Clip, whereas an independent locksmith usually has a whole host of programming software at their disposal.
  5. Please contact us if you are unsure about vehicle compatibility or for advice about what software is needed to programme any of our keys.