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GTL Remote Replacement Parts Set

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This Remote Replacement Parts Set includes essential components such as screws, springs, roll pins, microswitches, and battery connectors. To enhance convenience, GTL has color-coded the parts for easy identification. The set is neatly organized in boxes that fit into a rack, which can be placed on a desk or wall for easy access. This practical set is designed to streamline locksmiths' daily tasks, making their work more efficient and hassle-free.

This set includes:
8 types of remote switches
8 types of remote shell screws
8 types of remote battery connectors
8 types of remote springs
8 types of flip remote roll pins and an empty box laser marked with the most popular 8 chip IDs.

Box 1: Remote Switches includes:
Volkswagen (4.9*4.6*1.7mm); Nissan (3.0*4.0*1.87mm); VW / MIT (4.8*4.8*0.7mm); BMW / GM (3.2*4.2*2.5mm); Audi (4.0*4.0*1.5mm); BMW (3.3*2.7*1.4mm); Honda (3.0*3.0*1.5mm); Ford (4.8*4.8*0.7mm)

Box 2: Remote shell screws includes:
Chrysler (2.0*6.0mm); Hyundai (2.0*11.8mm); Ford (2.3*10.8mm); Nissan / Mazda (2.0*3.0mm); Toyota / Honda (3.0*4.0mm); VW / Audi (2.0*10.0mm); GTO (2.5*5.0mm); BMW (2.0*6.0mm)

Box 3: Remote battery connectors includes:
Nissan / Dodge; Ford; Nissan; Hyundai; Cadillac; Chrysler; Honda

Box 5: Remote springs includes:
Applicable for all kinds (5.0*20.0mm and 4.3*24.0mm); Infiniti (1.45*9.5mm); Jaguar (2.0*9.0mm); FOBIK / NIS / DOD (1.7*9.0mm); Chevrolet (3.0*8.0mm); BMW / Cadillac (3.0*4.8mm); Ford (4.0*19.0mm)

Box 6: Flip remote roll pins includes:
Nissan (1.6*5.2mm); Ford (1.6*6.0mm); KIA (1.6*6.5mm); HYU / CHE / LEX (1.6*8.0mm); Mazda (2.0*8.3mm); VW / Hyundai (2.1*7.0mm); KIA (2.2*5.6mm); Lexus (1.6*9.0mm)

Box 4 does NOT include transponder chips. It is just a box that you can fill up.

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