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Key Blades for XHorse/ KeyDIY 240

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Extremely high-quality blades which have been designed to work with all XHorse and KeyDIY flip and remote head keys. This very handy box will help you to clear up valuable van space and you’ll never have to worry about running out of the most common blanks on the market again!

The box Includes:

240 key blades (24 types, see below)

3 pre-labelled plastic cases

Key Blades: 

  • Honda HD103 MFK-021
  • Honda HO01 MFK-022
  • Hyundai HY14 MFK-041
  • Hyundai HY15 MFK-044
  • Hyundai HY17 MFK-043
  • Mazda MZ31 MFK-054
  • Nissan DA34 MFK-064
  • GM/Subaru B110 MFK-077
  • Mitsubishi MIT1 MFK-055
  • Mitsubishi MIT3 MFK-057
  • Mitsubishi MIT6 MFK-056
  • Subaru SUB1 MFK-065
  • Subaru DAT17 MFK-005
  • Lexus/Hyundai/Kia LXP90 MFK-074
  • Lexus TOY48 MFK-080
  • Toyota TR47 MFK-076
  • Chrysler Y157/Y159 MFK-083
  • Ford H75 MFK-019
  • Ford HU101 MFK-036
  • GM B102 MFK-002
  • GM B106 MFK-004
  • BMW HU92 (2-Track) MFK-034
  • BMW HU58 (4-Track) MFK-029
  • VW HU66 MFK-098
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