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Alfa Romeo Giulietta 3 button Remote Key Fob PCF7946 (M.Marelli BSI System)

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BRAND NEW, never been used, high-quality aftermarket key remote, ready to be programmed to your vehicle. 

Compatible with

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2010-2016

Comes complete with:

  • ID48 PCF7946
  • Key with 3 Button remote
  • Blade
  • 433mhz


  • Immobiliser EEPROM/Precode then diagnostically
  • Remote Automatically after programming

Please note: this key has to be pre-coded with the EEPROM before programming to the vehicle. There are only a few machines that can do this key diagnostically e.g. Genuine AVDI.  TMPro is capable of pre coding the remote control. This is an 8 pin SMD, same as the genuine version.  TMPro is also capable of programming the remote on the bench. Unfortunately, Zedfull will not program this key. If you are unsure of what software you need to program this key please contact us for advice before purchasing.